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Benal Beach is a primarily touristic complex located in the Benalmadena-Costa region, only a few minutes away from the luxurious port of Puerto Marina and right next to Parque de La Paloma.

Composed primarily of 4 blocks of apartments, the complex has a 24/7 reception, a dedicated mini-supermarket for all needs, 5 whole pools with waterslides that are fun for all ages, very easy access to all local restaurants, shops and markets; as well as access to the grand park of La Paloma to have a nice and calm walk around and pass the time.

We've been in this sector for over 20 years, providing our clients with a variety of services, like the sale of various apartments and locals in Benal Beach, or our availability to provide rentals and cleaning so our clients can have a nice and peaceful holiday.

Benalmadena-Costa is one of the primary touristic areas of the Costa del Sol, primarily for its climate and weather all year round, as well as the sheer quantity of activities offered in the area.

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